Monday, March 9, 2015


meet KELLY O'HARE! at least my lil version of her. ive been moving into a new place (took longer than expected) and still not quite ready to post up new stuff. but i promised this. so here she is.

get your kelly at for free (and lots of other stuff too)

i did make some minor changes to this. tried to make her a bit easier to cut out. specially in the hair. theres a lot of 'fold, glue, trim' here. but some of that is optional. like ears and arms. im really happy with how she turned out. and plan to make more soon. this is based on my buddy josh quagmire's work. he has lots of and lots of fun characters that would make great lil paper toys.

i also plan to make more 'kellys' with different outfits.

happy modeling!

kelly o'hare is a copyrighted property of josh quagmire. used by permission.

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